Stephanie goes hard when the beat drops

fatcat-ry made me think of you.

with recent events and testing the fear of not being able to birth a child of my own brings me to tears. I feel so lost.


Clad in an orange robe you sleep nestled safely into a blue abyssal ocean slowly drifting in and out of a world much too hazy for proper recollection. You travel far off away from me wrapped tightly, slowly fading into the distance. I watch as you linger in and out of focus. Glimmers of blue shine from your face as you disappear from view. Remnants of sunsets blind my eyes; you are out of view now, gone from sight. Where do you venture to all these nights? Where does the fervent wind take your blessed soul? 

You arrive safely to your marked destination. Beads of sweat pour from your golden locks, glistening as they trickle through the intricate patch work of your now tattered robe. You have come so far, it shows on your face- the blue shines brightly as you open yourself to this place. Warmth crosses over your body now, caressing you gently; it fills you up and pulls you to your knees. Crystal waves begin to pour from your smiling face, the feeling is heavy in your chest as you fall. 

It is so lonely here without you, or anyone for that matter. I hate being alone.


Diablo III Female Monk. Cosplayer: Zerina Cosplay deviantART / Photographer: FiveRings Photography - deviantART 


unnnnnffff its your bitch

"Don’t Move"

"Don’t Move"

This is too much fun

This is too much fun

Listening to Young the Giant whilst stoned.

Listening to Young the Giant whilst stoned.

masturbate, smoke, nap. repeat.